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Interview: The Van T’s talk supporting Foo Fighters and more

The Van T’s have gone from strength to strength since their involvement in the ReBalance Programme. We caught up with them to find out what opportunities have arisen after working with the programme and what we can expect next from them.

You were selected in the first round of the ReBalance programme, how has becoming a part of ReBalance helped you?
Yes, we were very lucky to be chosen for this great opportunity. We were lucky enough to be asked to play Community Festival and be asked to play The Great Escape. Like these shows, we were also lucky enough to meet some great people at Czar Studio in Leeds.

As part of ReBalance you’ve been working with a female producer – how has that helped your career and artistic vision so far?
I feel working with an engineer/producer who identifies as female hasn’t changed or helped our career/artistic vision really. We got a lot out of working with Margo Brook, she helped us in some respects like writing and compositions. She has helped us come out of our shell and trying new things within songwriting.

You opened last year’s Community Festival, how was that experience?
We thoroughly enjoyed Community Festival last year. We played alongside our friends and had a good reception too. We still can’t get over the good turnout. The weather was glorious also which helped.

Van Ts Community

How are the dynamics with two sisters in the band, do you think that helps when you spend so much time together?
I think being in a band with someone who knows you almost as good as yourself comes with its strengths and challenges sometimes. I think it works best for us and all we know as musicians and writers. We bounce off of each other really well and both have different tastes which I think makes our sound somewhat unique.

We’re over the moon to welcome you to the ReBalance showcase at The Great Escape – what can fans expect from your set?
Really looking forward to this one! We love The Great Escape. Those who choose to come down to the show can expect it to be somewhat lively and hopefully engaging. We like to move about a lot on stage and sometimes step into the audience, so maybe don’t be alarmed if this happens.

ReBalance Music

You’re supporting the legendary Foo Fighters at their Glasgow date on the 17th August – how did that come about and do you have anything special planned for the show?
They chose us out of a few bands which were put across to them by DF Concerts. So, we are still shocked by that one but really can’t wait for the show, it’s a great line up.

What’s your favourite lyric you’ve written so far?
All talk, no talk

I’m the king of queens

Who drowned in Fluoxetine

I’m waiting for the sun to burst

I’m seeing stars again

Where would you like to see yourself this time next year?
Hopefully touring about and releasing a bit more music and gaining new fans from further afield, that would be nice.

What struggles have you faced within the industry and what advice do you have to those going through the same things or trying to get a foot in the door?
I think there’s so much going on in music and so many emerging bands some people might find it hard to get a foot in the door. I think perhaps it may be down to luck who listens or sees you at a certain gig. I would say if you’re actively gigging and releasing music and enjoying it then you’re doing something right.

Who are 5 female/female identifying artists who you think will be the next big thing?
Bully, Weyes Blood, Lazy Day, Self-Esteem and St Martiins.

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